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Assisted Living & Memory Care in Oklahoma City, OK

OKC Assisted Living and Memory Care Enhance Senior Mobility

What comes to mind when thinking about assisted living facilities in Oklahoma City? Seniors on mobility scooters? Older adults playing bingo or doing chair yoga?

Those activities are just the tip of the iceberg and don’t show the whole picture.

Older adults commonly experience changes in their mobility. Limited mobility and cognitive decline can present challenges in daily life, but that doesn’t mean all their options are limited. Residents have access to mobility equipment in Oklahoma City and senior living communities.

These communities provide welcoming environments where seniors thrive, regardless of their mobility level. They offer comfortable living arrangements and comprehensive support, enhancing their residents’ quality of life. Assisted living communities like The Gardens provide specialized care and amenities that cater to seniors’ unique needs.

Assisted living and memory care could be just what you or a loved one needs. It can enhance maneuverability and mobility in measurable, beneficial ways.

The Gardens | We provide assisted living in Oklahoma City that helps seniors who use mobility devices have fun!
We provide assisted living in Oklahoma City that helps seniors who use mobility devices have fun!

Understanding Mobility Issues in Seniors

As we age, moving around can become more challenging. Seniors living in Oklahoma City may face different mobility issues. These can range from having difficulty walking and climbing stairs to needing help with daily activities like dressing or bathing.

One common solution for seniors facing these challenges is using mobility scooters. In Oklahoma City, Human Services reported older adults experience 17 percent more disabilities than the national average. These are essential devices for local seniors.

Mobility scooters are a popular way for older adults to maintain independence and enjoy their lives without feeling limited by mobility issues.

Oklahoma City seniors have various options to manage mobility issues effectively. Whether they use mobility aids like scooters, receive home care, or reside in a care facility, the available resources help maintain their independence and quality of life.

For some, staying at home with the assistance of home care services is the preferred choice. Home care allows seniors to receive the help they need right in the comfort of their own homes. That can include help with:

  • Personal care
  • Household tasks
  • Medication and medical needs

Moving into a senior living community makes sense when more comprehensive care is needed.

What Do Assisted Living Facilities in Oklahoma City Offer?

Oklahoma City assisted living communities like The Gardens stand out for their dedication to providing comprehensive care, fostering independence, and promoting an active, engaged lifestyle.

How Assisted Living Communities Address Mobility Issues

Assisted living offers amenities and services that enhance mobility and ensure the well-being of residents.

  • The Gardens is wheelchair-accessible, with ramps, elevators, and spacious hallways. These features help residents move freely and independently.
  • Regular exercise programs and physical therapy are tailored to seniors’ needs. These activities help seniors improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Regular participation also reduces the risk of falls.
  • Individualized care plans for residents with mobility challenges consider their specific needs, abilities, and preferences. They receive the support necessary to navigate their daily lives comfortably.

The Gardens Has Comprehensive Assisted Living Services

  • We offer comprehensive support for daily living activities (ADLs), including bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, and medication management.
  • Our restaurant-style dining provides nutritious meals prepared by expert chefs. The meals cater to dietary needs and preferences and save residents from cooking and cleanup hassles.
  • We handle housekeeping and laundry for a clean, comfortable living environment.
  • Transportation services are available for medical appointments, errands, and social outings.
  • We organize social and recreational activities like fitness classes, arts and crafts, outings, and entertainment.
  • Our health and wellness programs focus on exercise, clinics, monitoring, and regular check-ins.
  • Round-the-clock team members promptly address emergencies and urgent needs.
  • Our amenities include common areas, landscaped outdoor spaces, libraries, and beauty salons, offering opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment.
  • We provide specialized memory care programs with tailored activities and a secure environment that supports residents with dementia.

Memory Care for Seniors with Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer’s can lead to memory loss and cognitive decline in seniors, causing confusion and anxiety. The Gardens provides exceptional memory care through a dedicated team specializing in memory support. Our compassionate approach includes personalized help with mobility and the management of sundowning-related wandering.

Structured routines are essential for seniors with dementia. The Gardens supports residents by incorporating cognitive exercises and engaging activities into daily schedules. Fostering familiarity helps in reducing anxiety among residents.

Our community also offers memory-enhancing programs that stimulate cognitive abilities, encourage social interaction, and aid in maintaining existing memory function.

Consider exploring memory care at The Gardens if you or a loved one requires assistance, enhanced mobility, and a nurturing environment.


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