Alzheimer's Association Certified

Assisted Living & Memory Care in Oklahoma City, OK

Modern, Bright, and Accessible
Senior Apartments | Oklahoma City

Our senior living community offers semi-private suites and senior apartments to meet residents’ needs. Every home is purposely designed with older adults in mind.

Expansive Senior Apartments in OKC

Each living space opens a world of possibilities. Care services and amenities come to residents in the privacy of their apartments. Our maintenance team handles everything from changing a lightbulb to correcting plumbing issues. Residents experience freedom and independence because they don’t have to worry about hassles.

Assisted Living


270 Sq. ft.

Large Studio

335 Sq. ft.

One Bedroom

435 Sq. ft.

Two Bedroom

500 Sq. ft.

Lilly Estates

Memory Care


270 Sq. ft.

Large Studio

335 Sq. ft.


217 Sq. ft.

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