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Assisted Living at The Gardens

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Assisted Living | Oklahoma City, OK

Every senior deserves to remain independent and in control of their destiny. The Gardens is more than an assisted living community: We’re a community where independence takes priority, with loving, caring support.

Our residents thrive because we listen carefully and provide personalized support plans to help them succeed. That’s how we do assisted living in Oklahoma City.

Complete Holistic Support Services for Residents

The caregiving team at The Gardens has an extraordinary commitment to creating a secure space where residents can live their best lives. 

We offer complete support services, including personal care, medication management, housekeeping, and transportation. 

What else makes us extraordinary? Our dedication to holistic care. We understand that each resident has unique needs and preferences, and we tailor the support to suit individual requirements. 

Independence is easy to maintain in our assisted living community: Our community sponsors fun cultural events, live entertainment, parties, and educational programming that our seniors look forward to every week. It’s anything but dull around here!

The Gardens | Resident with her family

Assisted Living Services and Amenities

The Gardens | Senior woman with her daughter and granddaughter

Ask Us All About Assisted Living in Oklahoma City, OK

The Gardens offers premium, personalized assisted living focusing on resident independence. Contact our team of senior living professionals to learn more about individualized assisted living in Oklahoma City.

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